Summer is already in full swing and it's a perfect time to slay the last days with some amazing fashion trends. You know how they say: the sweetest goes in the end. Anyway, TFS chose the ones that are perfect for the summer and are kind of the easiest to combine.

Hello, welcome. If you're here reading all of this I'm writing right now then that means just one thing - you love fashion as same as I do. And that's amazing because fashion is a language that anyone can understand. Our appearance is very important and I know fashion sometimes can be superficially but let's be honest that we all want to look our best every single day and why shouldn't we? There is so much clothes to be seen and even more to be bought. A world is our runway where we walk on the streets showing our personal style and we should shine, feel confident and be pretty while doing it.

I could introduce myself but then all of this would lose a charm. If you know who I am then let it be our secret but maybe sometime in the future I will discover who I am. My idea for this place right here is to share and get inspired by so many beautiful outfit combinations made by fashionistas, influencers, bloggers and even YOU. This project is my dream coming into reality but it's also a world made for you where you can find trend inspiration, personal style motivation and a little help for stylization if you need it. I'm always here. Now slay it.